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Following defines our company and hopefully gives a good idea about what we can do. The short version of the story is that we enjoy problems and solve them based in tech. We enjoy stepping in, in the idea phase and can provide creativity, inspiration and passion to widen up the views.

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Starting in Passion

AI Consult is a part of a consultant collective. We are a sparsely connected specialists within our own fields. AI Consult specializes in making software solutions smart. AI Consult is build on 3 pillars in which their interplay makes sure that the solutions are always of the highest quality.


Studying is an integral part of the way we work. We dedicate time for the people behind to delve into new areas, write articles, or take university courses.


To be able to convey knowledge makes sure that it is properly understood. This is a premises we take seriously. Hence teaching/conveying is a serious part of AI Consult.


The competencies we continuously acquire are available for use. Therefore we are always available for consulting on various projects.


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  • There's a difference between showing info and telling stories.

    — J. Doe, CEO Company Inc —
  • Magnum is made to tell a story.

    — T. Sawyer, Freelance Developer —
  • Design is where science and art break even

    — R. Mathew —


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